What We Offer

The Centre has two Focus Groups where members can identify with and exchange ideas with people in related fields. The focus groups are as follows

Logistics and Supply Chain Focus Group :

This centre is responsible for research and education in the area of logistics and supply chain management.
The traditional concept of business is obsolete. Companies, both manufacturing and service, are creators of value, not simply makers of products. Supply Chain Management focuses on globalization and information management tools that integrate procurement, operations, and logistics from raw materials to customer satisfaction. Future managers are prepared to add product value, increase quality, reduce costs, and increase profits by addressing the needs and performance of: supplier relations, supplier selection, purchasing negotiations, operations, transportation, inventory, warehousing, benchmarking, third-party vendors, electronic commerce, recycling, supply chain electronic software, and customer relations.
A good understanding of the elements of logistics and supply chain management and the ability to relate them to cost and service are today essential ingredients for corporate survival. It points an organization in the right direction to reduce costs, improve service and competitiveness.

To implement and maintain any of these strategies, however, companies need managers and staff with a thorough understanding of Logistics and supply chain management.
As a new discipline, there is limited opportunity for such personnel to acquire this knowledge in regular academic environment. To bridge the gap therefore, ASCS will draw from industry experts and knowledge centres to run varied programmes on Logistics and Supply Chain Management

International Trade Focus Group :

The activities of ITFG will cover trade development and promotion, trade fairs, necessary trade information services, and human resource development.
ITFG will also provide specialized support services and advice in areas of packaging, export-import finance and in the implementation of trade agreements.

The main objectives can be summarized as follows:

– Strengthening the position of Nigerian export-import in traditional markets and expanding exports of Nigerian products and services to new markets.

– Developing Nigerian exports and assisting companies in enhancing their competitive advantage to meet international standards of quality and price.

– Exploiting the use of information technology in helping Nigerian exporters and importers.

– Establishing specialized service centers to support priority sectors.

Benefits of being A Member of ACSC

– Belonging to a select group of professionals who seek excellence and enjoy the resulting rewards and prestige

– Providing platform for the exchange of ideas through conferences, workshops, breakfast meetings, seminars etc.

– Practical skills and information to be successful

– Networking opportunities with colleagues

– Individual career support

– Technical assistance and update

– Time and money savings

– Promotional Support

– Professional Development

– Career Support Services

– Setting up Professional Standards

– Awards and Recognition

– Updated Materials

– Discounted prices

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